"STC Certified" Mark - An Authoritative Mark of Quality Certification


Quality is the key to success of a business and it is basically what consumers pursue. To satisfy this market need, HKCC (Hong Kong Certification Centre) launched an independent certification scheme for product quality - the “STC Certified” Mark (the “Mark”) to provide an unambiguous definition of product quality for Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China (including the Greater Bay Area) and overseas markets.

What’s “STC Certified” Mark?
The Mark is a product quality certification mark. It helps consumers identify, at a glance, that the product has been certified by HKCC to relevant local and international standards. To ensure it represents the best quality mark in the market, type-testing and market surveillance are regularly undertaken.

Products Covered:
- Food Products
- Health Supplements
- Proprietary Chinese Medicines
- Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
- Household Products and Anti-epidemic Products
- Food Grade Electrical Appliances and Containers
- Textile Products
- Jewelry and Articles that Contact with Skin
- Other Consumer Products

Promotion of “STC Certified” Mark
To increase our exposure, “STC Certified” Mark is actively carrying out
a variety of promotional activities:
- Certification Shopping Guide
- Large advertising panel in shopping centres
- Advertising on buses
- Street banners
- Food Expo and other trade fairs
- “STC Certified” Mark Certificate Award Ceremony

Application Procedure
1. Client enquiry
2. Submission of application form with specific product information and a copy of Business Registration Certificate
3. Issuance of certification proposal
4. Sample testing
(a) Pass > Issuance of “STC Certified” Mark certificate
(b) Fail > Product amendment > Sample testing

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