Invite Comments on the Proposed Amendments to Hong Kong Safety Mark Schemes

The Hong Kong Safety Mark Scheme (HKSM) was launched in 1998 and has been widely recognized by the public for over 25 years. With the aim to improve the creditability of HKSM, HKCC will regularly review the Scheme to ensure its continual suitability while adapting to the international certification trends and practices. The following HKSM certification schemes have recently completed the review and an updated edition has been proposed. Before this new version is officially released, we sincerely invite all parties interested in the Schemes to provide feedback and opinions on the changes:

1. HKSM Scheme No.: CC/SCH/001
Scheme Title: Electrical Products – Household and Similar Use Appliances
Current Version: CC/SCH/001 (Electrical Product) Rev. 1 -
Proposed Version: CC/SCH/001 (Electrical Product) Rev. 2 -

2. HKSM Scheme No.: CC/SCH/002
Scheme Title: Audio and Video Equipment
Current Version: CC/SCH/002 (Audio and Video Equipment) Rev. 1 -
Proposed Version: CC/SCH/002 (Audio and Video Equipment) Rev. 2 -

3. HKSM Scheme No.: CC/SCH/003
Scheme Title: Information Technology Equipment, including electric business equipment
Current Version: CC/SCH/003 (Information Technology Equipment) Rev. 1 -
Proposed Version: CC/SCH/003 (Information Technology Equipment) Rev. 2 -

4. HKSM Scheme No.: CC/SCH/004
Scheme Title: Luminaires
Current Version: CC/SCH/004 (Luminaires) Rev. 1 -
Proposed Version: CC/SCH/004 (Luminaires) Rev. 2 -

Amendment Summary -

Please use this Comment Form ( to provide your feedback and send to email: or fax +852 2661 3181 by 15 May 2024. Your invaluable views and comments will help us provide more professional certification services.

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