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Being an independent certification body in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Certification Centre (HKCC) was accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and the Hong Kong Certification Body Accreditation Service (HKAS). Our conformity assessment service for the products certification, process and services follows ISO/IEC 17065. The fundamentals requirements of product certification and providing guidelines for product certification schemes is in accordance to ISO/IEC 17067-Type 5. HKCC comprehensive services assist business development and protect consumers’ rights. We provide various certification services as below:

Certification Scope

Electrical & Electronics, Bedding Materials, Furniture, Consumer Products, Toys, PersonalProtective Equipment, Luminaries, Plumbing System and its components.

The Hong Kong LED Lighting Product Certification Scheme

This program applies to the LED lighting products and the scheme owner is HKEIA (Hong Kong Electronic Industry Association). The purpose of the Scheme is to ensure all LED lighting products produced by LED Lighting Suppliers/Manufacturers meet the requirements in the area of safety, ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and performance. It requires LED Lighting Manufacturers shall comply with ISO 9001 quality system. The scheme mainly focus on The Hong Kong Housing Department requirement.

Certification scope

LED bulk head, LED recessed lamp, LED flood light

Water Quality and Supply Facilities Certification Scheme

In order to safeguard the drinking water and water supply facilities in Hong Kong, HKCC launched Water Quality and Supply Facilities Certification Scheme. The Scheme includes two parts to conform the
1) household water quality free from hazardous materials or bacteria
2) manufacturer without using prohibited materials in production for the components and the water supply facilities.

Certification scope

Household water supply and water supply facilities manufacturer

Medical Equipment Certification Scheme

Hong Kong Safety Mark (HKSM) Scheme − Medical Devices accepts application from manufacturers, importers, distributors, clinic, cosmetic center for any instrument, apparatus, appliance, or other articles used on human body, etc.

Certification scope

Heat treatment device, invasive and non invasive electrical stimulation, electric treatment device

Biodegradable Products Certification Scheme

In Hong Kong about 60% of solid waste cannot be reused or recycled where around 30% of the landfilling wastes are plastic mainly the thermoplastic of PP and PE. The long PP and PE carbon chain polymers and non-biodegradable and end up in streams, which then lead them to end up in the open ocean. The combustion of PE and PP plastic bags also cause the toxic gas generation, for example CO, suspended particles (PM 10 and PM 2.5) and O3 and acid rain. HKCC launched Biodegradable Mark is to assure the use of the food packing material is biodegradable.

Certification scope

food packing materials, tea bags, tableware i.e. cups or bowls and so on

Eco Products Certification Scheme

People are raising the awareness of environment and health concern. The purpose of the scheme is to assure and evaluate the product design, use of substances and materials, manufacturing process if conform the “Green Practice”.

Eco Products Certification Scheme

Furniture and Bedding Products, other Consumer Products

Phthalates Compliance Products Certification Scheme

Phthalates is common found in variety of products. There are regulations to evaluate phthalates in different countries. For example, REACH regulation in EU, CPSIA in USA, and CCPSA in Canada. Phthalates itself is an endocrine disruptor which could interfere the endocrine system. Research reported that exposure of phthalates will increase the risk of breast cancer.

Certification scope

Bedding materials or products, dye, paint, air refresher, toys, children products, textile, and any otherconsumer products.

Made in Hong Kong

Under Supplement X to CEPAs signed in 2013, products of Hong Kong origin would enjoy zero tariffs when entering the Mainland. Such a preference was intended to provide a significant competitive edge for Hong Kong manufacturers. According to statistics over 1,700 types of “Made in Hong Kong” products had come under this category by the end of 2013. In March 2014 during Legislative Council deliberations, mention was made of the gradual rise of a new local generation of industrialists and the resurgence of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry. In order to support this on-going policy, our certification center has developed a new product certification scheme called “Product made in Hong Kong”, due to be launched in June this year.

Products that are manufactured or assembled in Hong Kong can apply, however, following criteria have to meet:

  1. Business concerned must be a registered legal entity in Hong Kong;
  2. Manufacturing facilities have to be installed and operated on Hong Kong premises;
  3. Natural products of Hong Kong which have been grown or mined in Hong Kong or produced in Hong Kong e.g. farming, fishing;
  4. MMade or major manufacturing or assembly, and final quality control done in Hong Kong i.e. jewelry ; but
  5. Processes such as simple diluting, packing, bottling, drying, simple assembling, sorting or decorating etc. are not regarded as genuine manufacturing processes.

The scheme adopts a “product-oriented” certification program. HKCC will perform initial and periodic production site assessment and document review to assure the major manufacturing processes are done in Hong Kong.

“STC Certified” Mark

The Mark is a product quality certification mark. It helps consumers to identify, at a glance, that the product has been certified by HKCC according to relevant local and international standards. To ensure it represents the best quality mark in the market, type-testing and regular market surveillance are the key areas controlled by this scheme.

Certification scope

Food, health supplements, proprietary Chinese medicine, cosmetics and personal care products, household products and anti-epidemic products, other consumer products

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