International Type Approval Services (Wireless Devices)


International Radio Type Approval

In order to export wireless devices, almost all the countries have mandatory certification systems in place for radio requirements of wireless products.

The Hong Kong Certification Centre (HKCC) compliance team provides regulatory information and certifications for approximately 200 countries/regions. Our knowledgeable experts help you to plan your international approval campaigns, covering all types of telecommunications devices (GSM/GPRS/ HSPA/ UMTS/ LTE™, LTE-A/ Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, RFID, NFC, LoRa, Airfuel, ULE, Sigfox, AllJoyn, MirrorLink).

International Type Approval covered:

Argentina (ENACOM), Australia (ACMA), Bahamas (URCA), Brazil (ANATEL), Cambodia (MPTC), Canada (ISED), Central African Republic (MPT), Chile (Subtel), China (SRRC), Colombia (CRC), Dominica (NTRC), Egypt (NTRA), European Union (RED), French (ANF), Hong Kong (OFCA), India (WPC), Indonesia (SDPPI), Iraq (CMC), Japan (MIC), Kuwait (CITRA), Macau (PSTN), Malaysia (SIRIM), Mexico (IFETEL), Pakistan (PTA), Philippines (NTC), Russia (Minsvyaz), Saudi Arabia (CITC), Singapore (IMDA), South Africa (ICASA), South Korea (RRA), Taiwan (NCC), Tanzania (TCRA), Thailand (NBTC), Turkey (BTK), United Arab Emirates (TRA), United States (FCC), Uzbekistan (MITC), Vietnam (MIC) and more.

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