2016 Product Safety Carnival and Hong Kong Safety Mark and “STC tested” Mark Certificate Award Ceremony

On 17th June, Hong Kong Standards and Tested Centre (STC), the first not-for-profit testing, inspection and certification organization established in Hong Kong, played host to its annual Product Safety Carnival and Hong Kong Safety Mark and “STC tested” Mark Certificate Award Ceremony at Kai Tin Shopping Centre, Kowloon. This 2016 Ceremony was opened by Secretary for Innovation and Technology Mr. Nicholas W. Yang, JP, who presented Hong Kong Safety Mark and "STC tested" Mark certificates to a number of enterprises.

Chairman of STC, Mr. Tom Tang, JP, introduced the “Made in Hong Kong” Certification Scheme with The International Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (ICC-HK) as a supporting organization to aid the public in recognizing quality products that are truly manufactured in Hong Kong. He officially announced the launch of the scheme with the Chairman of ICC-HK, Mr. J.P. Lee, JP, a special guest on this occasion. At the same time, Mr. Tang also announced the appointment of entertainer Mr. Jonathan Wong Chee Hynn as this year's Product Safety Ambassador to promote product safety to the public.

The ceremony brought together supporters and clients for an exciting day with guest performance, prior to a 3-day Product Safety Carnival including a booth manned by The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD).

With a history of more than 50 years, STC, as a not-for-profit, independent testing and inspection organization, spares no effort in promoting the importance of product safety to different levels of the community and enhancing the development of the testing and inspection industry. Over the years, STC has been upholding the safety standards of food and household products by initiating various product certification programmes in line with the latest safety standards such as Hong Kong Safety Mark and “STC tested” Mark. STC has expanded its certification services by launching the Hong Kong Excellent Service Certificate Mark, which helps citizens to identify customer-friendly merchants; Bio-degradable Certification Scheme and Made in Hong Kong Certification Scheme aimed at protecting consumer rights in multiple areas.

Mr. Tang stressed that STC would continue to collaborate with the Government to protect the interests of consumers by upholding the high standards of product and food safety in Hong Kong, through the various STC certification programmes to create a quality living environment.

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